Stormy Daniels

It’s been a relatively quiet hurricane season compared to the summers past. However, there’s one Tropical Storm causing quite the ruckus created by Wicked Pictures starlet Stormy Daniels. It’s the writer/director/star’s follow up film to her award winning smash hit Operation Desert Stormy entitled Operation Tropical Stormy (OTS). We caught up with the beautiful and multi-talented Wicked contract superstar to discuss OTS, her upcoming projects, and her possible run for Senate.


Spike TV.Com has you as #6 on the “Top 7 Porn Stars that You Would Take Home to Mom.” I would think you’d rather be #6 or #7 than #2 or #1 because a porn star’s naughtiness should always outweigh their wholesomeness. Do you agree and why or why not?

To me, #6 or #1 are both prominent spots and honestly, it’s cool just to be recognized by Spike in the first place in any capacity. I don’t necessarily think wholesomeness is why you’d be willing to introduce a porn chick to your mom. You’ve got to give moms a little more credit than that. They know there is a degree of naughtiness involved. I think what moms want to know is that you’re not an idiot, that you’re self sufficient and most of all that you will be good to their son: Love him, take care of him, keep him out of trouble, not cheat on him or break his heart, etc.

You wrote, directed and starred in Operation Desert Stormy that was a smash hit winning too many awards to name. We’re most impressed with the AVN’s 2008 Best Comedy Award. Tell us where your sense of humor stems from.

I’m a weird girl who has always had a bit of a warped sense of humor. I was an only child raised in a low income household by a hardworking single parent. I spent a lot of time by myself when I was growing up, so to say my imagination wandered would be an understatement.



One difference from the first film is that this movie doesn’t go the way the viewers might expect. It’s all bad for the principal players in the film aside from the fact that everyone gets laid.

Operation Tropical Stormy is your follow-up to Operation Desert Stormy. Tell us the premise of the film.

Operation Tropical Stormy (OTS) is the continuation of Operation Desert Stormy (ODS) but jam packed with more sex, more action and really just more of everything. In OTS, you’ve come to know the characters from the first film and you’re on the next chapter of their adventure with them. One difference from the first film is that this movie doesn’t go the way the viewers might expect. It’s all bad for the principal players in the film aside from the fact that everyone gets laid. I guess you could say it’s like my personal Empire Strikes Back. Not that I’m literally comparing OTS to Empire… the fan boys are either going to crucify me for making that analogy or think I’m a cool chick for even thinking about it like that.


With all of Operation Desert Stormy’s success, how much pressure did you feel going into this project?

Anytime you take a quarter of a million dollars of someone else’s money and say: “Hey, let’s all screw and blow some crap up!” there is always going to be some pressure.

Let’s say President Obama calls on you to help battle terrorists in North Korea. What five porn stars do you assemble as your terrorist squad and why?

  1. I would have to start with myself…I’m a pretty bad bitch and everybody will definitely listen to me come hell or high water.The rest of my team would have to be:
  2. Marcus London would head up the tactical division of the unit.
  3. Gianna Lynn is really a professionally trained martial arts expert. So, she would kick ass in tight quarters.
  4. Eva Angelina is crazy. I could tell her to go screw an entire Al Qaeda terrorist cell and keep them distracted, so we could sneak into their hideout and she would… no questions asked. The girl loves the cock.
  5. Sunny Leone is stunningly beautiful and of Indian decent. Sunny could easily pass as being Middle Eastern, so she would be an excellent choice for infiltration assignments.


We’re forwarding this now to the Secretary of Defense. Let’s step back for minute and talk about House of Wicked. For the first time in WICKED PICTURES history, all of the Wicked contract superstars came together in one incredible movie.

House of Wicked is a series of stylized vignettes that revolves around showcasing each of the Wicked Girls personalities. I was happy to be involved with the project and I really liked the way my scene turned out. My scene is set in a Southern fried honky-tonk where I get to have my way with Danny Mountain. I’m a true dirt rocker from Louisiana, so I loved the art direction. Nobody does it better than Wicked’s own Brad Armstrong.


There’s a rumor floating around that you’re considering running for Senate. Do tell please.

This was something that a group of Louisiana citizens came up with unbeknownst to me. Once I was made aware of how a number of Louisianans felt about their current Senator, David Vitter, and thought ANYBODY would be better than him - even me, I started to explore different options. I am currently consulting with family and friends to see what my next move will be. Regardless of my decision, I’ve started doing listening tours of Louisiana, so I can come face to face with the folks in the state and find out first hand what concerns them the most now and see what I can do to help. Check out www.DraftStormy.com for all the details.


You’ve got our vote. Back to being a porn star. What’s next?

Stormy’s Forbidden Fucks is what every fan of adult movies should be waiting for with baited breath! You’ll see me do things I’ve NEVER done before. It’s already shot and will be distributed by Wicked Pictures sometime in the near future.

Photos courtesy of Wicked Pictures.

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